joint purchases and discounts professionals.

ADN-MotorSports we make it easy for you purchase your accessories racing or kit at the best price, and is through joint purchasing, if you have a group of friends, a group of facebook, workshop, ... do not hesitate contact us and we will improve the price of the public.

What are joint purchases?

Joint purchases are a group of buyers who agree to buy an article of the same brand. All buyers who sign put money into an account or an administrator or buyers organizes spokesman payment. Once it reached the required minimum number, the order is placed, and send items to the respective buyers at the best price!

How do they work?

A group of people come together to make a joint purchase to receive the discount need to order a minimum of such products in Recaro seats would be a minimum of 10 seats, 8 pairs shoes, filters ... Green 10 units, once assembled the number of people minimum order is closed and in a few days all customers have at home your new product and in record time!

What joint purchases have gone well so far?

ADN-MotorSports has already made several joint purchases in coloboaración with clients to try to get the best racing accessories at the best price. Among other several Recaro seats, Seats and material Sparco brand, suspensions Vogtland, OMP steering wheels ...

If you are interested in organizing a joint contact us!

You can contact us via: email, telephone call or by whatsapp.

Workshops discount !!!

ADN-MotorSports also think of the professionals and try to help them in their business in the best way we know, trying to offer more adjusted prices in all parts and accessories racing we supply.

Recaro last joint Material